S Mug – I am Sincere

I am Sincere, I am an S

This mug is the perfect gift for anyone that is an S.
Are you an S? Do you know an S?


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I am Sincere, I am an S

This mug is the perfect gift for anyone that is an S.

Are you an S? Do you know an S?

If Steadiness (S) is your  Highest Behavioral Dimension:

• You prefer a predictable pace and routine
• You greatly value sincerity
• You want to calm excited people
• You process decisions in a logical manner
• You listen carefully before responding
• You will often hear all sides and weigh options

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McCarran International Airport

Absolutely first class

This self assessment was incredibly detailed and informative. I learned a great deal about myself and I'm truly impressed with the quality of the program so far. Absolutely first class!

McCarran International Airport June 5, 2017

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Bureau of Reclamation

Recognize my strengths

When I first completed the DiSC assessment, I almost felt embarrassed about how I was assessed (like I viewed myself as weak). However, going thru the class, I was able to recognize my strengths and feel proud of them.

Bureau of Reclamation May 4, 2017

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Bureau of Reclamation

An eye opener

It was fabulous. The break out teams were such an eye opener for the different personality types.

Bureau of Reclamation May 1, 2017

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Clark County NV

Understanding the WHY

I learned that being an SC personality explained a lot and validated many of my values, needs and stressors. It was very accurate and brought back many memories of my past struggles and past victories. Understanding the WHY of those things will help me to cope with those struggles and better handle future issues.

I am learning to communicate with the other personalities styles much better as I begin to see what they value more and match their style in order to achieve a better outcome.

April 24, 2017

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Your Leadership = Level of Engagement

I find it so interesting that your style of leadership has the chance to dramatically influence and affect team member performance and engagement.

Innevation April 13, 2017

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default image

Working with a “D” when you are an “S”

Realizing her communication style through "DiSC" I am able to understand where she is coming from...

April 13, 2017

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City of Reno

Communication will become easier

Going through life once you know the different styles and can identify them with a person communication will become easier, even if it is opposite of how you communicate.

City of Reno April 13, 2017

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Clark County NV

It explained SO MUCH

I am actually very satisfied to have found that I was an S that is right on the border with C. It explained SO MUCH. I certainly wish I had the knowledge of this profile long ago, it would have helped me become a better communicator and understood others much better.

Clark County D.A. April 13, 2017

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Understanding yourself and others is a key ingredient to success as a leader, success working in teams, success as a service provider, and success in life. 


The DiSC® tools are designed to provide a highly accurate view of you and what that means to the interactions and relationships that drive your success.

Soaring Eagle Enterprises’ uses DiSC® assessments as a measurement of behaviors and communication styles. It is highly recommended to complete your DiSC® profile as a valued companion as you learn and grow with us. This is a one time assessment that can be completed and referenced in all of our online and in person learning programs.

Completing your DiSC® Profile will provide you with a lot more depth of your personal communication style as well as others that you interact with on a daily basis. It will enhance your learning experience tremendously.

There are multiple solutions and reports that can be completed. Each of them provide a different focus as well as provide various details related to that targeted focus. Please choose the assessment that fits you best. Contact us if you would like assistance in determining which one is best for you and your situation.


Note: This is not a requirement and you can complete the unit and gain the skills associated with communication styles.