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Team Group and Forum Details:

Online learning groups are setup for your team members to learn together. Schedules are busier than ever and it is difficult to come together as a group to connect and learn.

Creating an SEE learning group allows you to learn as a team, share challenges and successes, inspire new ideas and most of all share a common learning path creating a powerful, successful team. A team group provides an activity feed, allowing members to post updates and communicate openly.  It also provides an option to send public and private messages to other team members as well as a customized forum setup for your team. Every forum allows unlimited subjects where all members can post topics and replies. Forums provide a private and organized platform for team communications.


Members receive a private registration and login

Group is only visible to members

Emailed updates per member

Team logo

Group leader can manage members and moderate posts


Multiple customized forums designed for each organization.

Members can post topics and reply to topics.

Forums are organized for ease of access to various topics anytime

Communication between team members to support individuals and the organization.

At SEE, we want you to learn and grow.

Our purpose is to inspire you by providing the opportunity to change and transform at your own pace, wherever you are on your learning and career  journey. If the will to learn is present, we are committed to making sure the means can be met to fit you and your organization’s needs.

 Volume discounts for multiple certifications from the same organization are offered.
 Blended learning opportunities available (Online and In Person learning).
Scholarships are available when the need is present but the means are not.
Alumni discounts and review opportunities for those past customers and clients that have participated in previous online or in-person training.
We accept major credit cards, corporate checks, purchase orders*, ACH draft.
 Our programs are congruent with GSA Standards.
 SEE, Inc is registered and up to date with SAM.

Please contact us for more information on finding a pricing and payment solution to fit your needs.

*purchase order minimum for a new client is $1500

To get started on your individual learning path, please scroll to the top of this page and add the program to your cart and checkout. Once your order is placed a team member will be in touch with you via email to get started.

To receive a customized training proposal for your organization please click here to receive a quote or proposal.

For volume pricing, alumni discounts or any other customizations, please contact us.

Once your order is processed you will receive instructions on completing your DiSC Assessment, your personalized login and directions to start your online learning.

IMPACT Competencies

IMPACT is a research based, empirically driven model based on rigorous analysis of what makes individuals and organizations successful.

We Engage Our Learners
Since 1992, industries of all sizes have chosen SEE for their development because our training is based on real skills and content rich programs that improve performance.

Learn From Experts
Our experienced team members are with you from start to finish to deliver the highest value and quality.

User-Friendly Learning
Each program is designed to be responsive on a multitude of devices, with ease of use navigation, media, and graphics that enhance your learning experience.

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