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If you need to add some fun or punch to your next meeting, annual conference or other event, consider the talented team at SEE, Inc.

No canned speeches here. We use the same customized approach to each speaking engagement to insure the event has the highest impact and is meaningful to the participants. With the highest levels of energy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment to quality, there is no better source for your public speaking needs. Inspire them. Entertain them. Put smiles on their faces. Give them some real life skills. Contact SEE today.

Keynote and speaking length is from thirty minutes up to 2 hours and we are the best value in speaking services available. All of our fully customizable training and seminar subjects are available in keynote format.

Below are some of our most popular and most requested subjects in a keynote format:
*Please note that all of our training programs are available in keynote format.

Authentic You-Powerful Self-Awareness and Care

To change the results you are receiving in your life, both professional and personal,  you have to be willing to look inside. Look at what you know, your beliefs, your thoughts , your emotional composition and your own behaviors. When you are able to align those with the authentic, genuine you, you will achieve a level of success, harmony and ease that you never thought before possible.

This unique approach is the basis of the book Authentic You, by Katie Meeks. Using this approach will also provide an  incredible level of genuine self-care and produce  higher levels of self-awareness.

45 minutes to 2 hour Keynote

Modern Leadership and Management

A spirited and engaging contrast between the older, arcane approaches to leadership with the successful version being used in the best organizations in the world.

45 minutes to 2 hour Keynote

The Art and Science of Leadership in the 21st Century

Using a statistically valid model with thousands of best practice applications, participants will learn about communication, team engagement, coaching, self-awareness, empowerment and decision making.  ‘The 10’, the foundation of leadership competency development is the most predictive way to produce outstanding leadership.

45 minutes to 2 hour Keynote

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Speaker Fees:

45 min – $1000, one speaker, 60 min – $1500, one speaker, 90 min – $2000, one speaker, 110 min – $2500, one speaker, 45 min – $1500, two speakers, 60 min – $2000, two speakers, 90 min – $2500, two speakers, 110 min – $3000, two speakers

Travel costs:

Speaker fee plus travel outside local service area.