DiSC® Classic 2.0 Plus

DiSC® Classic 2.0 Plus gives respondents a strong base from which to learn more about their behavioral preferences.

Combining the insight of personalized narrative with the power of focused reports.


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Combining the insight of personalized narrative with the power of focused reports, DiSC® Classic 2.0 Plus gives respondents a strong base from which to learn more about their behavioral preferences. The report consists of feedback from DiSC Classic 2.0 with optional supplemental reports that are available with DiSC PPSS. You may print the narrative report and up to six supplemental reports for a 20-credit charge.

The six supplemental reports are:

1. Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship
This report describes how to establish a relationship with the respondent that is based upon trust and mutual respect.

2. Relating to People and the Environment
This report explains how the respondent interacts with peers and interprets his or her environment.

3. Strategies for Managing
This report looks at ways in which people can most effectively manage the respondent.

4. Approach to Managing Others
This report analyzes the respondent’s management style and behavior toward subordinates.

5. Strategies for Sales Management
This report examines the methods that people can best use to manage the respondent in a sales environment.

6. Approach to Selling
This report describes how the respondent performs essential steps in the sales process.

Adding one or two supplemental reports to the DiSC Classic 2.0 narrative will provide more insights for the respondent. And you can include additional supplemental reports at any time for no additional cost. For this reason, there is little need to include all six supplemental reports at once, which could overwhelm the respondent.

SEE Styles

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Clark County D.A.

True team

By the end of class I felt like a true team with others in different departments. Thank you Kayla and most importantly thank you SEE. Keep up the great work!

Clark County D. A.

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Clark County D.A.

Definitely is a benefit

All in all it was very well presented and very easy to understand. It definitely is a benefit. Keep up the good work!

Clark County D. A.

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R&R Partners

Blind Spots

Cool stuff. Didn't think I needed any training and found out that I have some huge blind spots to address.

R&R Partners

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Understanding yourself and others is a key ingredient to success as a leader, success working in teams, success as a service provider, and success in life.”

DiSC-sidebarThe DiSC® tools are designed to provide a highly accurate view of you and what that means to the interactions and relationships that drive your success.

SEE uses DiSC® assessments as a measurement of behaviors and communication styles. It is highly recommended to complete your DiSC® profile as a valued companion as you learn and grow with us. This is a one time assessment that can be completed and referenced in all of our online and in person learning programs.

There are multiple solutions and reports that can be completed. Each of them provide a different focus as well as provide various details related to that targeted focus. Please choose the assessment that fits you best. Contact us if you would like assistance in determining which one is best for you and your situation.

Note: This is not a requirement and you can complete the program and gain the skills associated with personality styles.

Everything DiSC® Management Profile

Increase effectiveness using personalized learning to help managers.

Develop management styles, improve communication, and increase employee engagement.

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Completing your DiSC® Profile will provide you with a lot more depth of your personal communication style as well as others that you interact with on a daily basis.

It will enhance your learning experience tremendously.

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