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Online Program Catalog

Online Program Catalog

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Welcome to online learning.

Below you will find all of our programs that are available at this current time for online learning. Our team is in the process of providing all of our programs online for you. Please visit our full program catalog for in person offerings and blended learning opportunities.

*Please check back often as new programs come available online.


A Certification is a series of competencies for the ultimate in learning and growth that results in a high recognized certificate of completion.

Key competencies are linked together for growth in leadership, customer service, teamwork and much more.



A program offers you all of the skills you need to master key competencies in your development.

Each program is packed with usable and key skill sets designed to facilitate professional development.

accreditedSEE’s learning programs have passed rigorous academic and professional standards to be able to offer our participants continuing education units and, in some cases, credit hours.  Please see our accreditation page for more information and please contact us if you are interested in having our programs certified for your professional organization.

Snippets - Micro Learning

Byte sized micro learning

Enhance your results with these micro sized learning elements


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