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SEE, Inc. converts training into learning and learning into performance.  We improve performance.

Whether you are looking for a highly impacting customer service training program, an interactive team building session or a transformation from management to leadership, SEE is your one stop headquarters for the highest value, greatest impact and most entertaining programs available. Seminars, workshops, customized training, coaching and much, much more.

Committed Only to Your Success®. Our slogan. We live it.

Since 1992, SEE has been delivering memorable and content rich training programs to a wide variety of industries. Real skills delivered by the best professionals in the country is what has made SEE a widely recognized leader in training, seminars and professional development solutions.

Solutions for Organizations and Individuals.

In Person and Online.

Customized Training

  • Live Time Answers and Response to Needs
  • Engaging Learning Environment
  • Highly Skilled Facilitators
  • Learning from Other Participants
  • Activities to Support Learning Objectives

Online Learning

  • On Demand to Learn When You Want or Need
  • Ability to Learn and Grow at Your Pace
  • Forums and Groups Support Interaction and Questions
  • Pick and Choose the Programs that Have the Highest Value to You
  • Engaging Content and Approach
  • Built for Learners by Learning Professionals

Blended Learning

  • The Best of Both
  • Baseline Learning Done Online
  • Additional Depth, Discussion and Application in Person
  • Meets the Needs of All Learning Styles
  • Builds Individual Skills and Meets Organizational Needs
  • Produces Long Lasting Results

No two training needs are alike.  No two organizations are identical.
No two learning and performance objectives ever come close.

That is why SEE is your source for fully customized solutions to your needs.  We create environments where learning occurs and where learning translates into measurable performance changes.  Whether you are looking for a leadership development solution, customer service training, teamwork program or professional development learning, we are the solution to your needs.

Outstanding leadership is a force multiplier.  Average or poor leadership will drain resources.

Winning organizations require skill and talent at all levels but none is more important than in supervision and management. Soaring Eagle Enterprises has a long, successful track record of developing leadership, management and supervisory skills using the most cutting edge methods and impacting delivery techniques.

Let Soaring Eagle Enterprises build, energize and inspire your leadership team.

From emerging levels of supervision to C-level executives, we produce the most comprehensive and robust leadership development programs available. To maximize results, we include level-specific assessments, outside reading, skill reinforcement activities and coaching processes to further compliment the development of leadership and management potential.  We also utilize a “Learn It, Try It, Master It” methodology to insure that all learned competencies are applied.

Bridging the gap between customer expectations and the service you deliver is the role of customer service training programs by Soaring Eagle Enterprises. Our award winning customer service training programs will catapult your results to new levels. We develop the skills that set you apart from the competition and give you a winning edge.

From the most basic elements of courtesy through advanced studies of measuring service and the return on service investment, Soaring Eagle Enterprises is the leader in customer service programs for all types and sizes of organizations.

All programs are packed with practical skills that can be implemented immediately; skills that are proven winners and not just theory. Don’t lose another customer or risk what your customers might say to their friends and neighbors.

Teamwork and true high performance teams are the competitive advantage in the 21st century.

Teamwork is seen first by external and internal customers. It is a key contributor in job satisfaction and turnover. It can dramatically reduce stress in the workplace and it can enhance performance beyond the wildest expectations. It can also be one of the most elusive skills found in the modern working environment.

Soaring Eagle Enterprises has developed award winning and unique processes to enhance teamwork and build on team performance.

Building personal skills have long been the hallmark of winning individuals and organizations. Because the working environment is constantly changing, these personal skills need to be built, enhanced and refreshed on an ongoing basis. Jump start your skill set with these programs from Soaring Eagle Enterprises.

Soaring Eagle Enterprises is a leader in producing the highest quality human resource management programs available. These programs focus on the practical applications for human resources and are designed for human resource professionals as well as line supervisors, managers and business owners.

We deliver human resource related training in hiring and recruiting, diversity, ethics, harassment and hostile work environments, coaching skills, disciplinary actions, reward and recognition programs and current / legal issues in employment.

accreditedSEE’s learning programs have passed rigorous academic and professional standards to be able to offer our participants continuing education units and, in some cases, credit hours.  Please see our accreditation page for more information and please contact us if you are interested in having our programs certified for your professional organization.

I thought it was very effective and I took away a lot of positives from the course and feel that anything that can make you look at yourself objectionably is a good thing and I wouldn’t change it. ……..extremely engaging instructor and that makes for a very positive learning environment.

Matthew Laviolette

General and Global Metrics

99.74 Participant Satisfaction Rating  5 Year Running Average  4,000 Responses
4.76  Average Score for My Organization will Benefit
4.83  Average Score for I had Fun
4.93  Average Score for Lead Facilitator
4.91 Average Score for I Learned Something

Loved it! ……….facilitated the class perfectly. He kept us engaged and on target. I really hope we can attend another training event with Soaring Eagle.

Monique Bergam
US Bureau of Reclamation

Resort / Hospitality / Service Industries

World’s Largest 5 Diamond Resort and Gaming Company
Leadership Development, Engagement Strategies

» Stock price went from mid-thirties to over 80.  Became a Society for Human Resource Management recognized best place to work on one year and #1 in three.  Dramatic rise in profit and engagement levels.  Turnover become non-existent.


East Coast’s Largest 4 Diamond Resort
Customer Service Programs, Leadership Development

» Customer service ratings climbed by over 10%.  Team member engagement rose by over 6% in one year.


Nation’s Largest Private Convention and Conference Center
Leadership Development, Customer Service Programs, Teamwork Programs

» Profit rose by 22% in 3 years.  Customer satisfaction ratings rose by over 40% in same time.  All management jobs filled from internal candidates.  Turnover dropped by 80%.  Team member complaints (union and non-union) were reduced by 90%.

……..excellent presenter who just grabs hold of your attention.  He allowed a nice mix of personal stories, questions, exercises and reading to make the points.

Lynn Romano
City of Henderson

Municipal Government

Large Building and Code Division
Leadership Development, Engagement Consulting

» Grew engagement scores by 27% in one year.  34.5% in two years.  Work environment went from toxic to best in the city.  Service levels and times improved by excess of 10% each.

Second Largest Nevada City
Leadership Development, Engagement Consulting

» Reduced team member complaints (union and non-union) by over 30%.  Promotions came exclusively from program graduates for three years.  No outside recruitments needed.  Engagement improved by over 5%.

Second Larges Nevada Police Agency
Leadership Development

» Reduced team member complaints to record lows. Implemented several strategic initiatives including Community Oriented Policing.  Community satisfaction rose by 12% over three year period of time.  Overtime reduced by half.

Really I was overwhelmed by how thorough and how fun this was delivered.  Great job.

Mike Andress
American Asphalt and Grading

Construction / Manufacturing

Nation’s Largest Home Builder and Community Developer
Teamwork Programs, Customer Service Programs, Leadership Development

» Improved home delivery time by 5%.  Customer satisfaction up.  Turnover reduced.

Nation’s Largest Utility Contractor
Leadership Development

» Profits rose by 7% for four consecutive years after falling the prior two.  Efficiency and safety indexes also improved.

Major Commercial Construction Contractor
Teamwork Programs, Customer Service Programs

» Gains in profit, reduction in turnover and increase in customer referrals.

I wanted to “Thank You” again for your presentation during my meeting in Dallas.  You brought great value to my team and to myself during our short time together.  I truly believe that everyone walked away with some great tools to help them build on their skills.  Thank you so much again for your time and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Suzette Jordan,
CMG Mortgage Insurance Company

Federal Government

Largest US Federal Agency
Customer Service Programs

» Reduced call and call wait times by 23%.  Team member engagement rose in the contact division by 19% in one year.

Largest US Land Management Agency
Leadership Development

» Reduced transfer and turnover by 33%.  Overall effectiveness metrics (program hours) increased by 23% while labor costs were reduced by 3%.  Sick time and absences reduced by 9%.

er referrals.

I had no idea how exciting and enlightening this program would be.  I not only got a great source of information, but I had a lot of fun.  This program gets a Siskel and Ebert 2 thumbs up.  …………exuberant, energetic, and entertaining delivery, his base knowledge and advanced instructional techniques, the program would be just another boring mid-range informative adult education class.  I recommend this class for all management personnel.

Calvin Griffin
American Medical Response


SEE was formed in 1992 and quickly became a widely recognized leader in training, improvement performance and organizational development.

Our approach is universally focused to results and building the skills needed to be successful. We are able to use a variety of methods and bring significant resources to your training and organizational development project.

SEE is proud of being different, proud of being the best value, proud of having the best programs and proud of being an industry leader.

Balance of Practical and Academic – Our programs are designed using strict standards for academic research balanced with practical, been there/done that, experience. The skills and techniques that we provide work in the working environment.

Challenging – We use a challenging approach to insure that the needed skills are mastered quickly and you are able to convert those skills to real performance improvement.

Follow-Up Plans Included – The reason that many training events fail is because of the lack of disciplined follow-up. At Soaring Eagle Enterprises, we provide a comprehensive follow-up plan at the conclusion of all of our programs.

Cutting Edge Material and Techniques – Constant research and being in touch with the practical applications in industry insure that our programs have the highest impact and most current information.

Customized Training Manuals and Resources – We offer customized training manuals as a reinforcement technique for all programs. This is a proven method of keeping skills active. All of our handouts and completion certificates can also be customized.

Certified and Affiliated – Our team is comprised of full-time professionals that have completed rigorous training and certification.

Experienced – Thousands of hours, thousands of businesses, organizations and governmental agencies.

Committed to Your Needs and Objectives – Programs created for your needs and presented at your convenience.

Dynamic and Fun – No apology. No matter what the subject, we will make the learning environment fun, exciting and inspiring.

Complete, One Stop, Source – No need to have multiple vendors and contractors. Soaring Eagle Enterprises can support even the most complex professional development solutions.


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