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Building Officials and Code Administrators


Impactful training without traveling.
Learning at your own pace, on your own time.
Perfect for last minute CEU credits.

Online training provides you an affordable and efficient way to earn your CEU’s with ICC.

Learn skills that will propel you forward in building effective relationships, provide amazing customer service, improve your own career, build and lead exceptional teams, and create a healthy work environment.

Develop and implement skills that build better communities.

In Person Training

Customized for you.

Looking for customized training in person, on site at your organization?

Allow your team members to earn CEU’s while investing in your team, elevating them to the next level.
In person and blended solutions are created based on your needs.

Online Programs

Building Officials and Code Administrators

Inspectors | Building Officials | Permit Techs | Plans Examiners | Code Administrators

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City of Reno

Communication will become easier

Going through life once you know the different styles and can identify them with a person communication will become easier, even if it is opposite of how you communicate.

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City of Reno April 13, 2017

City of Reno

Much more

It was interesting to actually see how some of my supervisors in the past could have been much more if they had the availability of this course.

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City of Reno June 5, 2017

default image

No one was anxious to leave.

The presenters engaged everyone. They got people to open up and get out of their comfort zone. No one was anxious to leave. This is one of the most engaging program/workshop that I have ever attended.

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City of Minneapolis Housing Inspection Services January 11, 2017

Clark County NV

Chris, you are officially my favorite.

I want to thank you for everything I learned, I cannot wait to bring some of the things I learned about myself and others back to my team. I feel completely renewed with your training! Chris, you are officially my favorite... I cannot say enough about how these day have also helped me on my own personal journey. I did these classes for work but, came back with so much more. You both ROCK! and, “This crap really does work!!”.

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Clark County Building & Fire Prevention Department March 30, 2017

City of Reno

Exceptionally higher

I have taken a supervisory class before and rate this exceptionally higher. At first I thought I might struggle but now I'm interested and want more.

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City of Reno June 5, 2017

Highly recommend

Tim and Katie were a great team and I enjoyed the classes, and getting to know you two as well. I will highly recommend your classes to my organization, and thank them for sending me to the best class I’ve ever attended.

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Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept, CO March 29, 2016


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