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Building Officials and Code Administrators

Building Officials and Code Administrators

Develop and implement skills that build better communities.

After years of service and working with your industry,
we have provided the targeted programs and products that provide the highest ROI

The Building Officials and Code industry was created to protect the health, safety and welfare of people by creating safe structures and communities.

SEE has been providing professional development training and learning to your industry for over a decade. Our approach in creating an engaging learning environment has been widely recognized by building and code officials for both impact and enjoyment.

Interaction, leadership, service and team skills matter in your industry and Soaring Eagle Enterprises is the leading provider of these competencies that are so critical to your industry.

Receive your CEU Credits

For all SEE Programs

International Code Council
SEE’s learning programs have passed rigorous academic and professional standards to be able to offer our participants continuing education units through International Code Council (ICC).  Whether you take a program online or in-person you are eligible.

Please see each individual program
for eligibility and CEU units.

Please contact us if you are interested in having our programs certified for your professional organization.


Individual or Team Learning

Participate in any online program individually at your own pace or as a team.

When participating online with your team you are provided a private Team Group to learn and grow together.


Training Sessions

Contact us if you are interested in customized training in person sessions for your team. We come to you. We provide you with engaged learning that is customized to your team.

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The 10

Many building code officials have embraced the skills provided in ‘The 10’ and applied them to grow not only personally but to inspire and build successful teams and organizations. This program is highly recommended for the industry for both individual development as well as leadership teams.

Management Profile

Completing the Everything DiSC® Management Profile provides you with a great look inside at your behaviors and how they drive the results you receive. It is highly recommended that every team member in an organization completed an Everything DiSC® Profile to enhance communication, increase engagement, and reduce conflict.

Growth Partner

Individual development provides you with the customized training and support to to drive your success, not only as a leader but in life. Partnering with a SEE professional in customized blended learning and coaching is among one of the best decisions you will make in your career.


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