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Kayla Brown-Cestero

Kayla Brown-Cestero

Lead Coach and Facilitator

Kayla is a gifted facilitator, Trainer, and coach for SEE. Her ability to connect and relate to all types of groups has made her a highly sought after member of the SEE team. Kayla is certified to facilitate leadership development programs, customer service training and teamwork sessions. Her engaging style and affable demeanor help her deliver powerful messages about improving work life and delivering greater levels of results.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2008. As a graduate of the University Studies program, she completed her senior project on the nuances of civic engagement for Generation X and Generation Y. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology.

Kayla is an active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, of which she has served on the Educational and Membership Committees for the last two years. She is also an active fundraising volunteer with Special Olympics Nevada. When she isn’t leading workshops or volunteering with her favorite causes, she enjoys camping or crafting with her daughter, exploring the continental United States or reading classic American literature.

Kayla Brown-Cestero

Presenters engaged everyone

The presenters engaged everyone. They got people to open up and get out of their comfort zone. No one was anxious to leave. This is one of the most engaging program/workshop that I have ever attended.

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City of Minneapolis March 30, 2017

Madera County

I enjoyed the series

I had a great time, I took a lot of information back with me, and I look forward to attending EduCode in the future. You were all so wonderful, and I enjoyed the series.

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Madera County, CA April 8, 2017

Clark County NV

I absolutely loved Kayla

I absolutely loved Kayla. I felt she did an outstanding job, and was very engaging and had an amazing talent to get those introverts or should I say some C and S's to engage more and to tone down the D and I's in the class discussions. She had the class fully participating, laughing and sharing.

Great job Kayla! You ROCK!

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CCDA March 28, 2017

Clark County NV

I give her 5 stars!

I think Kayla was very patient and very supportive and informative and professional. For being of the D personality, she was successfully able to engage and sympathize with a class mostly made up of S personalities. She was informative on how S personalities could better communicate with D & I personalities in the workplace. She was helpful in bridging communication between an I & C personality in the class. Her class was very insightful. I give her 5 stars!

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April 24, 2017

Clark County NV

Very interesting

The Presenter was great, she made the class very interesting.

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Clark County D.A. May 1, 2017


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