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Timing is Everything

MM | Time Management

Timing is Everything

Your Time Bank Account

Taking a good honest look at myself and the way I manage time has given me some insight that may be helpful to those of you reading this Monday Mentor message. I like to look at Time as a bank account.  

Let’s be generous and say we live 100 years. From when you are born, until you die,  the time clock starts and you have 100 years to spend. Some people seem to have more time than others. Some feel they have less time than others. Some people go about their day in this peaceful, flowing, pace like they are rich with time, spending it in luxury, with a care free grace, while others, run around chasing life in a panicked frenzy, never having enough hours to get things done.

Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced life. We are told to find peace and enjoyment in our lives, and then we get handed deadlines and emergencies and urgent distractions pop up, like a thief robbing us of our precious minutes, hours, and days. Feeling defeated or exhausted we shut down at the end of the day, only to get up again and use the same methods of management the next day, hoping for a different result.

In my coaching sessions with clients, I teach that time management is one of the most important management skills they will ever have. Self management & money management are close seconds. Time is our most valuable resource. Once it is passed, there is no getting it back. It doesn’t wait for you to catch up. It does not adapt to you. The real lesson here is for you to adapt to Time.

As with everything in life, thoughts become things. The thoughts you have about time or the lack of time, turn into results about time. Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results. If you don’t like the results you are having with Time, look at the components of the thought equation. Negative thoughts, feelings and actions about time are going to produce negative results about time. For example, you think to yourself, “I’m so buried in work, I’ll never have enough time to get it done!” then you feel “overwhelmed and defeated” before you even get to work. Those feelings play out in your tone, your body language, your expressions and probably physically get a pain in your neck, and back. You can guess the results, you are slowed down and your energy is low. You have reacted to situations all day but probably not feeling fully accomplished. Time for a change! Change your thoughts and self talk first.

If you are reading this and wishing you had more time, take a look at how you think about time, how you feel about time, how you speak about time and how you act or react to time. Stop looking for things to blame for your lack of time.  It is up to you to change your patterns to get new results. How are you spending your seconds, minutes, days and years? Be aware of your time account. Budget what you will spend time on the same way you would budget your money accounts. Keep a register, a way of tracking time spent and investments of time for your return on investment.

Some basic steps to help:

Be positive first thing in the morning. Say something like “ I have plenty of time. I honor time and allow it to expand for me. I am a great steward of my time bank account. I manage my day to fit the important things and say “no” to the rest.”

Set up your task list the day before. Know ahead of time what needs to be accomplished. Set out your work clothes the night before. Find organized systems to structure your day so when you arrive at work you get started right away.

If your mind is full of all the things you want to accomplish, take a few minutes to jot them all down.

From your Mind Dumping, pick out the top 10 most important ones. List them in order of importance. Number them A, B, C, D, E. A: the “must do’s”. B: is the “should do’s”, C: would be nice to do, D: Delegate, ask someone else to do, E: Eliminate the things that are not important.  

Get your plan of action and commit to follow it. Dismiss distractions, say “NO” to things that are time parasites and track your progress.

It takes time to save time. Everything you do is for a purpose. Remember time can be your friend and if you want to get more out of your life, you must make budgeting your time a priority.

Tyra Mackertby TYRA MACKERT

Tyra has a long track record of successful experience as an individual development coach. She is committed to developing high quality teams, leaders and providing the tools needed for individual success.

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