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3 Skills That Will Move Mountains

Monday Mentor

3 Skills That Will Move Mountains

Being a leader is all about influence.

The more we are able to connect with others, bridge disconnects, and connect authentically, the more influence we have. The largest hurdle is getting over our own barriers that stand in the way of the influence like our disabling habits, lack of skills, unhealthy attachments, and most of all our judgments.  Below are a couple of key skills that everyone can work on sharpening that will drive success:


Emotional Intelligence. We are creatures of emotions. Our emotions drive our behaviors. It is proven time and time again that people with high EQ are more successful. They have higher influence. They make more money, they are also happier.  Being aware of our own emotional composition, understanding our emotions and how they effect all of our experiences we have, is the first step to building our own personal EQ. Once we understand this, learning how to manage our emotions is vital. Knowing how to move our emotional composition and knowing when to not act or react based on our emotions is when we start to move mountains in not only our personal health and happiness, but in our ability to influence the world around us.

emotional scale

When we are stuck in a negative emotional spiral, we are focused on us. We are concerned about what is happening, or not happening to us. We are in a very selfish state of mind. Our emotions drive behaviors that do not serve those around us and are usually self-destructive. Stop for a minute and think about times when your emotions have been in the negative spiral. Did the decisions you make serve you and others at the highest level? How did you feel, heavy or light?  When we are in a positive spiral of emotions we move from what is in it for me, to what can I do for others. In this space alone, we open up a world of possibilities. When our emotions are positive they drive behaviors that are positive to us and those around us. Our level of influence is high and good decisions are being made.

Self-Awareness and Self-Management


Being an effective communicator is a must to succeed and have great influence. Learning to listen will change our world, providing clarity bridges many disconnects, understanding our tone and body language is key. 80% of communication is wrapped up in tone and non-verbal. Understanding how we communicate and how others communicate different, provides the space for empathy and adapting. Communication is a foundational skill set that is a must for everyone.

Effective Communication


In today’s world with all the distractions, time crunches, and high stress environments it is more important than ever to learn how to become mindful. Being mindful simple means being present. Distractions removed, mind focused only on the now. There are various ways to practice mindfulness including but not limited to: focused breathing, nature, exercising, meditating, or challenging your focus to the little things (like what foot you are putting your shoe on first). When we are mindful we are aware of so much more and are able to make better decisions. We connect with others on deeper levels and create higher influence just in living in the now.


Katie Meeksby KATIE MEEKS

Katie has been instrumental in design, training material and strategic direction for the company. Katie is a gifted facilitator and in-demand individual coach.


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