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Tyra Mackert

Tyra Mackert

Coach and Facilitator

Tyra Mackert has a long track record of successful experience as an individual development coach. As a member of the SEE team, she is committed to developing high quality teams, leaders and providing the tools needed for individual success. In 2009 she began a journey to self awareness and became a Youth Mentor to empower troubled teens overcome life’s challenges. She loves to serve and assist people improve their way of being.

Tyra’s caring approach endears her to people and groups immediately and her impact is the legacy built by leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Also sharing experience in working with youth, Tyra is an exceptional facilitator and trainer.

Spending time with her family and continuing her growth as an individual growth partner are her passions. She lives in southern Utah and is the proud mother of 7 children and soon to be grandchild. She grew up on a small dairy farm in Salmon Idaho, learning work ethics, the circle of life and most importantly team work. She is known to be a close friend, careful listener, and creative cook.

Tyra Mackert
Madera County

I enjoyed the series

I had a great time, I took a lot of information back with me, and I look forward to attending EduCode in the future. You were all so wonderful, and I enjoyed the series.

Madera County, CA

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